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Schätze der Erde, Stufen & Geoden, Mineralienarten, Mineral Specimen

about us

Mineralien, Mineralienhandel, Luna Lofn Minerals, Schätze der Erde, Kunstwerke aus Kristallen

About Us

We founded Luna Lofn Minerals in 2020 to be able to share our passion - minerals - with as many people as possible. The desire to open a minerals trade existed years before, only the courage to take the first step in the right direction was missing. Our love for the wonders that our wonderful earth has given us has existed since childhood and is becoming more intense every day. 

We are pleased that you have found us and our site and that we can share our joy in it.

What is Luna Lofn Minerals?
Why the name
Luna Lofn Minerals

One night, while I was researching a name for this project, without ever consciously hearing about it, I had a dream about goddess named Lofn. At first I couldn't do anything with it until I researched whether there was a goddess named Lofn ... and indeed I found it.

The goddess Lofn appears in Norse mythology and is an Asen goddess. She got permission from Odin and Frigg to connect loving women and men.

Since I was planning something similar with minerals in a figurative sense, the name fitted perfectly.

about me

I love nature and its wildlife. For me, every living being, no matter how small, is a loving creature and life worth protecting. I consider myself lucky to know dear people around me with whom I can share the joy of life - "because happiness is only real when shared"

our philosophy

We have set ourselves the task of finding the most interesting minerals in the best possible quality and sharing them with you. It is important for us not to forget the people behind the minerals. That's why we don't offer carvings from China, for example.

However, you won't read the "ethically sourced crystals" slogan with us.

Why not you ask yourself?

Because this is just a PR measure, with which a lot of money should be made with the conscience of the consumers. The company is put in an ethically correct and better light without any proof. In order to do justice to this saying, you would have to be in every country where you buy your goods, at every location and at every processing company at least once to be able to convince yourself. This is simply impossible, especially for small companies, for time and cost reasons. 

Since we do not want to advertise with a lie, but with our quality, our interest and love for our minerals and everything that goes with them, we do not use this advertising slogan.

However, we make every effort to develop and maintain trusting contacts and sources of supply. 

For this reason, however, there are also various items such as cheap carvings that cannot be bought from us, as we do not go along with them with our ethical and moral values.

Mineralien & Kristalle, Schätze der Erde, Stufen & Geoden, Mineralienarten


dedication. expertise. Passion.

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